Here’s a list of my webinars with links to slides/write-ups and accompanying recordings when available. There are in chronological order, so scroll to the bottom for the latest webinar!

Perhaps I can give a webinar for your organisation? Generally, I follow a simple two-step process: 1) Ask me. 2) I say yes. I play hard to get, I know!

Making Writing Real, Skyteach Online Conference, March 2017.

Implementing Mindset Theory in the Classroom and the Staff Room, IH Online Conference, May 2017.

Creative ELT Uses of Simple Tech, xtern.ru International Online Summer School for English Teachers, June 2017.

“PRONUNCIATION” “pronunciation”. Teaching techniques beyond drillingLatvian Association of Teachers of English (LATE), October 2017:

Teacherpreneurship: Failing Forward – You Win or You Learn, Skyteach Online Conference, October 2017:

Riveting Revision and Overcoming Exam Anxiety, Latvian Association of Teachers of English (LATE), March 2018:

Psych Up Your Teaching, Trendy English Online Summit, June 2018:

Media Literacy, Latvian Association of Teachers of English (LATE), December 2018:

Please Think Responsibly: Teen Gasoline, Trendy English ‘Motivating Teens’ web conference, February 2020:

RPG in ELT, Trendy English, April 2020:

I Like to Move It, Move It, Trendy English ‘Reshaping Teaching and Learning: Methodology or Technology First?’ web conference, April 2020

Zoom Phase 2: From Survive to Thrive, Trendy English ‘Teaching Online 2.0’ web conference, May 2020. NB – my presentation starts after 06:30 following Evgeny’s conference introduction.

RPG in ELT: Games with Aims, International House Teachers’ Online Conference, May 2020.

RPG in ELT (longer and more polished version of the IH TOC talk above), Trendy English Game Forum: Let’s Make Them Speak, July 2020.