Lip Sync Battles for Pron Practice

Fun vs enjoyable - what the dinstinction? Fun - it's a laugh. Enjoyable - it's educationally focused and a laugh (that idea via my DoS at International House Riga Ian Raby via a Diana England presentation at the 2017 IH AMT conference). So holding a lip sync battle in an English lesson might on the surface [...]

Stress to Impress

Fresh from the 4 The Young Ones conference at ILC IH Brno in the Czech Republic today, here's a summary of the talk I just gave (twice) on word and sentence stress. I didn't just rustle this up in the lunch break in Brno - I wrote this last week so I'll add any interesting [...]

Not just a pretty picture: getting physical with the phonemic chart

Since spending two weeks of summer in Cambridge at a course run by the great Adrian Underhill on all things pronunciation, I've been working hard to incorporate his phonemic chart into regular pronunciation practice with my learners. It's up on the wall in so many classrooms worldwide, but generally ignored. If you're one of the [...]

Mouth Gym Part 2: How to train

Having selected common problematic sounds in English, the most important thing is what we can do to improve these things. The foundations of this whole exercise should adhere to principles of Dweck’s Mindset theory: focused practice, belief in the possibility to improve, re-labelling “failure” as a stepping stone to success. Once we move the tongue [...]