Woop, Woop the QuaranTEEN

'To care only for well-being seems to be positively ill-bred. Whether it's good or bad, it is sometimes very pleasant, too, to smash things*.' Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notes from Underground (read this book – it's a game-changer!) *Interpret 'smash things' as you will, but for the purpose of this exercise I'll define it as 'work on [...]

11 Lessons from The Power of Habit

I like people, but sometimes I prefer books. Specifically, I reached this state at 01.30 two Sunday mornings ago at a house party in Ostia, near Rome. Great folks, good time, but I'd waved off the last train home and was now waiting for my car-driving friends to be equally ready as I was to [...]

Please Think Responsibly: Teen Gasoline (Webinar)

I had the privilege of giving a webinar for Trendy English's 'Motivating Teens' online conference on 9th February 2020. Below you can find my slides and a write-up of what I presented, along with downloadable materials and links mentioned during the webinar. Please get in touch with any questions or comments. https://www.slideshare.net/JamesEgerton/please-think-responsibly-teen-gasoline Today’s teens are [...]

The Brain is a Muscle. Train It!

Do the steps you're taking every day line up with where you want to go? Stage 1: SMART goal setting Stage 2: Training diary (below) Following the guiding principles of the outstanding From English Teacher to Learner Coach, our priority should be for successful students, not just successful lessons. This is where I hope an English training [...]

3 Key Questions at the Starting Gate

Term starts like an avalanche, and it can be a fight not to be buried: new colleagues; new students; new groups; new challenges; maybe even a new workplace and city (ciao from the Eternal City, where I'll be starting a new role at IH Rome shortly). So set against this roaring background noise, what are [...]

A Better 2018: SMART Goal Setting

https://www.slideshare.net/JamesEgerton/a-better-2018-smart-goal-setting-85606402   I love presenting at teacher training conferences, but my ultimate objective beyond instant gratification is always that the teachers pass on the ideas to their English learners. There aren't many completely new ideas, after all, and almost all of what I present is itself passed on from what my students have told me, [...]