Real Wrong Grammar

Who is wrong? Those who stay locked up in the ivory tower of textbook grammar and don't expose their learners to other variations they're likely to encounter. Here's why, and 10 different examples of real wrong grammar from popular culture. "Why oh why? Two alternative realities - it sounds like The Matrix! It will only [...]


Growth Mindset Lesson Plan

I live Professor Carol Dweck's Mindset Theory, and due to the positives it's had on my life (relationships, work, running to name a few) it's well worth passing on to fellow teachers and my students. If you've visited the blog before, you may have noticed that I have a Mindset section that's worth a look. I've [...]

Lip Sync Battles for Pron Practice

Fun vs enjoyable - what the dinstinction? Fun - it's a laugh. Enjoyable - it's educationally focused and a laugh (that idea via my DoS at International House Riga Ian Raby via a Diana England presentation at the 2017 IH AMT conference). So holding a lip sync battle in an English lesson might on the surface [...]

Not just a pretty picture: getting physical with the phonemic chart

Since spending two weeks of summer in Cambridge at a course run by the great Adrian Underhill on all things pronunciation, I've been working hard to incorporate his phonemic chart into regular pronunciation practice with my learners. It's up on the wall in so many classrooms worldwide, but generally ignored. If you're one of the [...]