The N Word of ELT

Native speaker. The English teacher 'transfer window' for the 2018/2019 academic year is on the horizon at International House World and other networks and schools, and this issue is sure to rear its ugly head again in the recruitment processes around the world. It will probably be mentioned more than once at the IH AMT [...]

1to1 Lessons – Love not War

How can you get insights into how to be a better 1to1 lesson teacher? Become a 1to1 student. So I did. This wasn't my original intention when I started French lessons a couple of months ago to refresh my university French before a New Year trip to Marseille on a 4-day double date (I didn't [...]

Jordan B. Peterson’s Future Authoring

Main aim: By the end of the lesson, students will be better able to map out the best and worst versions of themselves, turning daily decisions into 5-year outcomes, and using this push and pull as motivation to become the best they can using personality adjectives (it's lesson observation season at IH Riga-Satva!) "That's why [...]

8 Things I Learned on Adrian Underhill’s ‘From Pronunciation to Storytelling…’ Course

I'm just back home in Riga after a fortnight at Bell Teacher Campus, Cambridge, where I took the 'From pronunciation to storytelling: a complete approach to comfortable intelligibility' course with Adrian Underhill along with 13 others from around the world. Other teacher courses were running at the same time, and our 21 weekly core course hours were supplemented [...]

10 things I Learned at IH Toruń, Poland.

Excuse anything delirious. It's 6.30am, I've slept for 3 hours, but like any conference worth its salt, IH Toruń's International Teacher Training Day has pumped up my enthusiasm and I'm writing this on the train to Warsaw before flying back to Riga. There are a lot of new ideas buzzing around in my head like flies. I [...]