Get Real! Conference, Ancona. Authenticity is…5 things.

Firstly, thanks very much to the team at Victoria International House Ancona/Jesi for organising such a great conference. It's a privilege to be part of a network of 160 International House schools worldwide that share, collaborate and constantly push themselves to set the standard in English language teaching worldwide. In case anyone was looking for [...]

Love, Learning and the Dark Side of the Subjunctive. Budapest 2018.

I'll echo my words at the start of last year's IH Budapest Conference summary, because they still ring true: With a mind open to learning as much as possible during a conference weekend trip (before, during and after!), the hours of the conference itself are just one opportunity. Lessons are learned on life, another country, others, [...]

Dare to Differ: 10 Things I Learned

Dare to Differ, IH Italy's inaugural conference organised and hosted by IH Rome, lived up to its ambitious title. All speakers took the theme on board in their chosen topics, referring again and again to how introducing new concepts, trying new things and being creative can benefit our learners. I was fortunate enough to attend [...]

10 Things I Learned at ILC IH Brno, Czech Republic

What you learn before and after a conference can have just as much value as what you pick up in the talks and workshops. Luckily for me, the before, during and after of ILC IH Brno's 4 the Young Ones conference were all brimming with insights - Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, well beyond the [...]

Making Writing Real webinar (video, slides and notes)

Today (18 March 2017) I presented a webinar during the Skyteach Conference for English language teachers titled Making Writing Real: How to make writing lessons more enjoyable for teachers and learners alike. Many of us have experienced the less-than-enthusiastic groans when we announce a writing lesson to our students. And many times it's not just [...]