The New Future of Work (Part II: I Need This in Writing) Lessons below harvested from 0:00-50:00. Sam Harris' Making Sense podcast with wordpress founder Matt Mullenweg. [Post-coronavirus] We're going to have to re-examine every aspect of our society which makes us over-reliant on physical co-location...Adversity does create clarity...We're being jolted out of many old models - Matt Mullenweg Part I - Five Levels: Factory Model [...]

Range: How Generalists Triumph in a Specialised World (Part II)

To roll right on from Part I, here are some more insights from David Epstein's outstanding book Range: How Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World: The Trouble with Too Much Grit You're Not a Tree: Move Own Choices --> Ownership --> Intrinsic Motivation Flirt with Your Possible Selves Fooled by Expertise Teaching as Perspective Farming [...]

OH S—! Oasis and the 3rd Person SINGular

He speak well but there's often just one or two missing letters that make all the difference; he know the rule but he don't apply it! OH S---! I was jogging along yesterday morning, and Gas Panic! by Oasis came on via my iPod's shuffle. Listening to the lyrics, I started musing about the following [...]