Jordan B. Peterson’s Future Authoring

Main aim: By the end of the lesson, students will be better able to map out the best and worst versions of themselves, turning daily decisions into 5-year outcomes, and using this push and pull as motivation to become the best they can using personality adjectives (it's lesson observation season at IH Riga-Satva!) "That's why [...]


Growth Mindset Lesson Plan #2: From Laptop to Classroom

In Growth Mindset Lesson Plan, I tried to bridge the gap between a widespread psychology theory to a practical lesson plan. Well, here's another gap that needs bridging: practical lesson plan to actually doing this lesson with real learners.  THEORY ----- PLAN ----- ACTION ----- EVALUATION Of the two cultural example options, I went down the [...]

Growth Mindset Lesson Plan

I live Professor Carol Dweck's Mindset Theory, and due to the positives it's had on my life (relationships, work, running to name a few) it's well worth passing on to fellow teachers and my students. If you've visited the blog before, you may have noticed that I have a Mindset section that's worth a look. I've [...]

Failing Forward – You Win or You Learn (Teacherpreneur Webinar)

Today (Saturday 28th October 2017) I had the opportunity to share the story of KEZ Camp, the business I started with two acquaintances (now friends) here in Latvia back in spring with the aim of running English summer camps for children and teenagers. This webinar was my small contribution to the Teacherpreneur group, which my [...]

Lip Sync Battles for Pron Practice

Fun vs enjoyable - what the dinstinction? Fun - it's a laugh. Enjoyable - it's educationally focused and a laugh (that idea via my DoS at International House Riga Ian Raby via a Diana England presentation at the 2017 IH AMT conference). So holding a lip sync battle in an English lesson might on the surface [...]