“Can I have some chair?” Rethinking Grammar Rules

Call me loopy, but I believe that teaching English grammar should reflect real use of English outside the classroom. There are accepted rules, sure, but if rules only represent a narrow and/or dead version of the language, why then kick the empty can down the road to the English learner? The desperate thing about grammar dogma [...]


Super Bowl Lesson Plan

It's great to be able to link English lessons to a real-life cultural phenomenon, and there are few bigger in the USA than Super Bowl Sunday. Here's a lesson plan inspired by English Teaching Forum (Vol.48 No.4) magazine's suggestions back in 2010, but with a final activity focused on Sunday 4th February 2018's Super Bowl [...]

A Better 2018: SMART Goal Setting

https://www.slideshare.net/JamesEgerton/a-better-2018-smart-goal-setting-85606402   I love presenting at teacher training conferences, but my ultimate objective beyond instant gratification is always that the teachers pass on the ideas to their English learners. There aren't many completely new ideas, after all, and almost all of what I present is itself passed on from what my students have told me, [...]

Ukrainian friends e-mail exchange

Learning respect, cultural awareness and real-life skills is important, as is maintaining the mental stability of the one teaching. Setting up an e-mail exchange can do it all. Here's WHY followed by the HOW and WHAT I've set up with my friend Olya Pushchak, YL Coordinator at IH Lviv, Ukraine. WHY? Cognitive dissonance is a [...]