Marieke van der Meer, what’s your WHY?

Age: 55+ Origins: Born in a tiny rural village in the Netherlands. Until we moved house at the age of 10 I spoke both standard Dutch (at home and in the classroom) and the local dialect (with my friends and in the school playground). I must have picked up the dialect in Kindergarten – didn’t [...]

Gianni Licata, what’s your WHY?

Age: 42 Origins: Los Angeles; Rome. Current roles: Teacher Training Co-ordinator, IH Rome. Founder, The Unpublished. Previous teaching experience: 13 years of teaching; 8 years as a CELTA trainer; Delta trainer (experience in the USA, Asia and Europe). WHY? I was recently asked this question by Chloé Schiavone, the DoS at IH Pescara. I’m not sure I was [...]

Marjorie Rosenberg, what’s your WHY?

This is a real honour! Marjorie Rosenberg has spent a lifetime in ELT, including as IATEFL President from 2015 to 2017. You can read more on her extensive work on her blog Learner as Teacher and website Age: 69 Hometown: Graz, Austria (originally from New Jersey and then New York) Previous teaching experience: teaching [...]

Sandy Millin, what’s your WHY?

Age: 33 Origins: England Current roles: Director of Studies, IH Bydgoszcz; CELTA trainer. Previous teaching experience: 10 years, mostly in various IH schools, including in the Czech Republic, the UK, other countries in Europe, South America, Asia and North America. WHY? To enable others to communicate. To help to spread professionalism through English language teaching. HOW? [...]

Bronte Rose Ainsley, what’s your WHY?

Age: 23 Hometown: Billingham, North-East England Current roles: English Teacher at IH Palermo London School Previous Teaching Experience: English Teacher at IH Riga Satva WHY? Is it bad that my WHY is a little selfish? Of course I share many of the same goals as the other teachers in this series: to enable communication, the [...]

Alister McCarty, what’s your WHY?

Age: 33 Hometown: Belfast, Northern Ireland. Current roles: Teacher, IH Riga, Latvia. Founder, Al's Action English. Previous teaching experience:  Maths teachers, UK, 2008-11; Head of Maths, UK, 2012-16 WHY? 1. Despite achieving top marks in French and German at 16, I was largely unable to communicate with a real person, having been TAUGHT predominantly in [...]