You Win or You Learn: Pre-Quarantine Regrets (2x Lessons)

You Win or You Learn It's a fundamental pillar of a Growth Mindset that mistakes are best used as lessons for the future, rather than proof of innate shortcomings or a stick to beat yourself with (more student and teacher ideas on Mindset Theory see the Mindset section). 'You win or you learn' is a [...]

Marks and Mindset

Conditioning learners to pass an exam isn't my favourite part of my job. Training seals to jump through hoops isn't teaching. I tell my exam students this: "this is a game, there are rules and you'll have to dance to this tune to get a certificate. OK?" I try to hide my bitterness. If I [...]

The Brain is a Muscle. Train It!

Do the steps you're taking every day line up with where you want to go? Stage 1: SMART goal setting Stage 2: Training diary (below) Following the guiding principles of the outstanding From English Teacher to Learner Coach, our priority should be for successful students, not just successful lessons. This is where I hope an English training [...]

Growth Mindset Lesson Plan #2: From Laptop to Classroom

In Growth Mindset Lesson Plan, I tried to bridge the gap between a widespread psychology theory to a practical lesson plan. Well, here's another gap that needs bridging: practical lesson plan to actually doing this lesson with real learners.  THEORY ----- PLAN ----- ACTION ----- EVALUATION Of the two cultural example options, I went down the [...]

Growth Mindset Lesson Plan

I live Professor Carol Dweck's Mindset Theory, and due to the positives it's had on my life (relationships, work, running to name a few) it's well worth passing on to fellow teachers and my students. If you've visited the blog before, you may have noticed that I have a Mindset section that's worth a look. I've [...]

Implementing Mindset Theory in the Classroom and the Staff Room Notes (slide number in brackets) from IH Online Conference webinar, 19th May 2017. WHAT? (3) Mindset is a simple idea discovered by world-renowned Stanford University psychology professor Carol Dweck. Result of decades of research on achievement and success. (4) Summary of the key characteristics of growth and fixed mindset. I will refer back to [...]