Visualisation #2. Language Learning.

As stated in Visualisation #1, visualisation is no magic wand replacement for the fundamentals of skill development (language teaching and learning are both complex skills): clear goal-setting; motivation; consistent and graded training for gradual improvement; a mindful and honest connection between educator and learner. Nothing of real worth comes free and nor should it. But [...]

Visualisation #1. Start with WHY.

Some thoughts, two pinch-point moments in scenes from my own life to illustrate the need, then reasons why visualisation is backed by scientific evidence... (Thanks to my friend and former colleage Alister McCarty at Al's Action English for setting me off down this rabbit hole a couple of weeks ago...) How many moments have you [...]

Post-Quarantine? Kick (Start) Your Habits

Listen to this article, read by me, by clicking here (audio length - 10:01) :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 'Anything that you want to accomplish in life that's dependent on your behaviour is entirely dependent on the kinds of habits you can form' - Sam Harris. 'Habit change is often the result of a drastic event' - James Clear. [...]

Screen Shot: Zoom Fatigue Reading Lesson

There's a fine line between being naïvely positive and constructively positive. Naïvely positive: Everything is fine. If you're having problems on Zoom, grit your teeth, do 20 press ups and chant "USA!! USA!!" Constructively positive: It offers its own challenges. Viewed through the right lense, the challenges become opportunities. I always try to frame difficulties [...]

Lessons from Lockdown: Sam Harris’ DIY Google Doc – Proof of Pudding

This is an idea, inspired by the great Sam Harris, I presented in a post a week ago (read it here and get in touch if you need any help with creating and sharing the Google Doc). I've since set up separate Google Docs with each of my classes, as well as with family and [...]

The New Future of Work (Part I: Models) Lessons below harvested from 0:00-50:00. Sam Harris' Making Sense podcast with wordpress founder Matt Mullenweg. [Post-coronavirus] We're going to have to re-examine every aspect of our society which makes us over-reliant on physical co-location...Adversity does create clarity...We're being jolted out of many old models - Matt Mullenweg Part I - Five Levels: Factory Model [...]

Woop, Woop the QuaranTEEN

'To care only for well-being seems to be positively ill-bred. Whether it's good or bad, it is sometimes very pleasant, too, to smash things*.' Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notes from Underground (read this book – it's a game-changer!) *Interpret 'smash things' as you will, but for the purpose of this exercise I'll define it as 'work on [...]

Holding onto the Memories

Netflix and chill write a blog post. Having been watching the Netflix series The Mind, Explained recently, I decided to re-watch my favourite episode, imaginatively entitled 'Memory', and harvest it for some takeaways particularly relevant to the language classroom. Whether you're a teacher struggling to remember names of new students or classmates at the start of the [...]

OH S—! Oasis and the 3rd Person SINGular

He speak well but there's often just one or two missing letters that make all the difference; he know the rule but he don't apply it! OH S---! I was jogging along yesterday morning, and Gas Panic! by Oasis came on via my iPod's shuffle. Listening to the lyrics, I started musing about the following [...]