Marieke van der Meer, what’s your WHY?

Age: 55+ Origins: Born in a tiny rural village in the Netherlands. Until we moved house at the age of 10 I spoke both standard Dutch (at home and in the classroom) and the local dialect (with my friends and in the school playground). I must have picked up the dialect in Kindergarten – didn’t [...]

Shadowing a Teacher, by Alexandrs Lapinski

The following is an account by an 18-year-old student at my former school, International House Riga-Satva in Latvia. Very interesting read, and plenty of food for thought. Thank you, Alexandrs, for your time and effort! I hope your 'flirting' with the idea of teaching leads to a lasting relationship 🙂 Shadowing a teacher for a [...]

Gianni Licata, what’s your WHY?

Age: 42 Origins: Los Angeles; Rome. Current roles: Teacher Training Co-ordinator, IH Rome. Founder, The Unpublished. Previous teaching experience: 13 years of teaching; 8 years as a CELTA trainer; Delta trainer (experience in the USA, Asia and Europe). WHY? I was recently asked this question by Chloé Schiavone, the DoS at IH Pescara. I’m not sure I was [...]