Bronte Rose Ainsley, what’s your WHY?


Age: 23

Hometown: Billingham, North-East England

Current roles: English Teacher at IH Palermo London School

Previous Teaching Experience: English Teacher at IH Riga Satva


Is it bad that my WHY is a little selfish? Of course I share many of the same goals as the other teachers in this series: to enable communication, the help change and develop EFL (in the small ways that I can), and to ensure students are getting the most out of their lessons. But the first thing that came to me when asked my WHY is purely my love of leading and my intrigue of the English language… along with the languages and cultures of my students.

I love that despite doing an English Language degree for 3 years, I’ve learnt most of my English knowledge through teaching, I love learning about the country I’m living in and having students educate me on their traditions, and I love having a job that doesn’t make me hate Mondays (perhaps mainly because that’s my day off).


1. By allowing students to feel at ease in my class, so they’re not afraid to make mistakes or speak up.

2. By encouraging organic conversation so that content is useful and interesting for students.

3. By being enthusiastic about my job so students know I’m invested in them.


1. Deliver lessons that meet exam and school requirements without each one feeling like a chore

2. Listen to students’ stories and troubles and give genuine replies

3. Help market the school through social media so students and colleagues can be proud of the institution we’re associated with, as well as creating a platform to present students’ work and what we’re up to.

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