Anti-Social Media? Alister’s class guest blog

Facebook is one of the most prevalent channels for communication, with over 2 billion active monthly users at the moment. After completing the unit of work on Communication: Let’Talk my IH Riga-Satva colleague Alister’s 10 to 12-year-old B1 students gave their pennies worth, writing points for and against social media being the best way to communicate.

So making the most of the blog again as a motivational World Wide Wall Display, we’ll exit stage left and give the floor to the students…

Are social networking sites like Facebook the best way to communicate?

Social networks are a creation of the future. Teenagers use them a lot, however, are they the best way to communicate?

Social networks can help you with making new friends and organizing any group work if someone is ill. In addition, you can find some new information about something. Lastly, you can talk with international people.

However, every coin has another side and social networks are no exception. Firstly, social networks contain lots of dangers. For example, you post a photo of yourself and someone can find you and perhaps you won’t be safe. In addition, imagine that you have an important exam but jokes or something distract you and your result won’t be good. Lastly, social networks can damage your health. By this I mean that you won’t sleep well if you waste a lot of sleeping time on social networks.

On balance, I think social networks can’t damage your life if you know how to use them. In conclusion I say: don’t let social networks conquer you and your life.

– Nikita D

Mobile phones can be useful: you are able to communicate with people who are far away from you. However, there are other way to communicate rather than social networks.

Firstly, you can communicate with people and it will be cheaper than text messaging or calling people. Secondly, it is faster than the other ways to communicate. Lastly, it is a very popular way to communicate.

However, there are negatives: it can be dangerous for the user. There may not be signal in the countryside. Lastly, you need a smart phone to download social networks, which is expensive.

On balance, I think communicating with social networks in the city is good, however, in the country side it’s not useful.

– Mark

  Nowadays, all teenagers have accounts in social networks. They mostly communicate with people in social networks, however, are social networking sites the best way for teenagers to communicate?

   Firstly, it can be very funny and it is mostly a free way to communicate. What’s more, you can make new friends and chat with people all around the world. 

   However, it can be dangerous. Your friends may be maniacs. Also, you might become obsessed with social networks and spend all your free time there. 

   I think that social networking sites are one of the best ways to communicate. Despite this, teenagers shouldn’t use them too much because it can be a little dangerous and it can waste your time.

– Alina

Initially, only a few people had Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. Nowadays it’s hard to find a teenager who hasn’t got any social networks. However, is that the best way for teenagers to communicate? Firstly, it can be fun. Also, you can make new friends. Lastly, you’re able to download them on your phone.

        However, there are negatives. For one thing, there can be no WIFI and you can’t use them. What’s more, if you use social networks too much, you can’t concentrate on your lessons. Lastly, it can be dangerous because you never know if people are good or bad. 

        In conclusion, I don’t think that is the best way for teens to communicate because it’s better to talk face -to -face. Despite this, it’s good that people have all kind of friends.

– Dominic

A long time ago in the USSR there weren’t any social network sites because there weren’t computers! However, nowadays nearly everybody has accounts on the Internet – in fact, many people have multiple accounts.

There are many negatives, however, I like social network sites so I’ll list only three. Firstly, there are many maniacs, murderers, crazy clowns and others. In addition, you don’t have any real communication and it’s bad for your psychological health. Unfortunately, scientists haven’t yet made screens that consider our eyes.

Furthermore, I can be lying on the sofa and talking with my friend in video chat.

Also, you don’t have to pay your phone operator. Nevertheless, you do pay for the Internet connection.

Nowadays people are nervous so they can watch some memes or videos on social network.

I think social network sites are very useful but my opinion is: “No to social network sites – no to the whole Internet”. Sometimes I’ve an idea that in the USSR life was better: there was real communication.

– Filip

Interesting ideas from young people who have been brought up with social media. What do you think?


One thought on “Anti-Social Media? Alister’s class guest blog

  1. Thank you all for sharing your ideas. I agree that social media has positives and negatives.
    One of the most important benefits for me is the fact that I can stay in touch with my friends all over the world. I can make new friends too if they are interested in the same things that I am.
    On the other hand, you are right to be careful, as you always need to check that the people you are talking to are real and honest. You also need to be careful not to spend too much time on social media, especially if it means you don’t meet people in real life.
    Balance is important, and if you can achieve this, then social media will be useful for you. Good luck!

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