Super Bowl Lesson Plan

It's great to be able to link English lessons to a real-life cultural phenomenon, and there are few bigger in the USA than Super Bowl Sunday. Here's a lesson plan inspired by English Teaching Forum (Vol.48 No.4) magazine's suggestions back in 2010, but with a final activity focused on Sunday 4th February 2018's Super Bowl [...]

Island Project → E-mail Exchange

I got this idea from IH Ljubljana DoS Nick Kiley's excellent presentation 'Project your Teens into Space' on project-based learning at the equally outstanding IH Budapest teacher training day at the start of December, and recently did it with my 13-14 year old intermediate learners here at IH Riga. As my IH Lviv friend Olya [...]

The N Word of ELT

Native speaker. The English teacher 'transfer window' for the 2018/2019 academic year is on the horizon at International House World and other networks and schools, and this issue is sure to rear its ugly head again in the recruitment processes around the world. It will probably be mentioned more than once at the IH AMT [...]

A Better 2018: SMART Goal Setting   I love presenting at teacher training conferences, but my ultimate objective beyond instant gratification is always that the teachers pass on the ideas to their English learners. There aren't many completely new ideas, after all, and almost all of what I present is itself passed on from what my students have told me, [...]