1to1 Lessons – Love not War

How can you get insights into how to be a better 1to1 lesson teacher? Become a 1to1 student. So I did. This wasn't my original intention when I started French lessons a couple of months ago to refresh my university French before a New Year trip to Marseille on a 4-day double date (I didn't [...]

Ukrainian friends e-mail exchange

Learning respect, cultural awareness and real-life skills is important, as is maintaining the mental stability of the one teaching. Setting up an e-mail exchange can do it all. Here's WHY followed by the HOW and WHAT I've set up with my friend Olya Pushchak, YL Coordinator at IH Lviv, Ukraine. WHY? Cognitive dissonance is a [...]

12 things I learned at* IH Budapest, Hungary.

With a mind open to learning as much as possible during a conference weekend trip (*before, during and after!), the 7 hours of the conference itself is just one opportunity. Lessons on life, another country, others, myself. But as this is an ELT blog (if you're looking for something else, Google it), let's focus on [...]

You don’t ask, they don’t get.

https://www.slideshare.net/JamesEgerton/you-dont-ask-they-dont-get I'm not Lady Gaga; I don't live for the applause. Teacher training sessions are fantastic: you prepare, you perform, you feel good. But unless the teachers in the room with me find the ideas useful enough to employ them in their classrooms with their students, what's the point? So with the sincere hope that [...]