Edurio at IH Riga-Satva: Student Feedback → Collective* Progress

*Collective: students, teachers, managers, owners. I've used Edurio online surveys in my classes for over a year now, both for end-of-course (read how here) and ongoing (read how here). However, this academic year is the first that we've used the system for all our adult classes at International House Riga-Satva. In September, we asked for [...]

Jordan B. Peterson’s Future Authoring

Main aim: By the end of the lesson, students will be better able to map out the best and worst versions of themselves, turning daily decisions into 5-year outcomes, and using this push and pull as motivation to become the best they can using personality adjectives (it's lesson observation season at IH Riga-Satva!) "That's why [...]

Growth Mindset Lesson Plan #2: From Laptop to Classroom

In Growth Mindset Lesson Plan, I tried to bridge the gap between a widespread psychology theory to a practical lesson plan. Well, here's another gap that needs bridging: practical lesson plan to actually doing this lesson with real learners.  THEORY ----- PLAN ----- ACTION ----- EVALUATION Of the two cultural example options, I went down the [...]