3 Ways to Beat Exam* Anxiety

*Also applicable to other high anxiety situations: marathon, job interview, first date etc. It's prime exam season, and the mind must be in tune with the brain for results to reflect knowledge. But psychology is not yet mainstream in teaching and teacher training. We teachers are big on the 'what' (i.e. knowledge), and at best skim over the [...]

Exam Prep Meets Reality: Dear Mayor Bernabéu…

During my "Making Writing Real" webinar presentation at the SkyEng online conference in March, I discussed five ideas to make writing in lessons a more motivating activity by writing for an external audience (not just the teacher!) and doing useful, everyday tasks. I received several comments in the live chat box that this philosophy is all [...]

Easter Resurrection/Learner Feedback → Learner Progress with Edurio (II)

Student centred vs. teacher weakness. Hearing this presented as a conflict always leaves me with my head in my hands, as it smacks of a lack of teacher self-confidence at learners' expense. As well as using intuition, observation and test scores, there is a very simple way to find out what students want from a course and how [...]

How to Become a Teacherpreneur – Q&A with Marina Kladova

I met Marina at the 6-week Delta Module 2 course in London back in summer 2015, and we've kept in regular contact since. Having been an active advocate of teacherpreneurship over the last few months, presenting two webinars in February and starting up a teacherpreneurs Facebook group, she gave a presentation about teacherpreneurship at the [...]