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Practising what I preached at the Skyteach webinar conference a fortnight ago about making writing real... A few weeks ago I took over a class of low-int 10-11 year olds who are pretty errrm...energetic and fidgety (90 minutes last a while!) On our voyage through Islands 5, the topic of school came around, and using the [...]

10 things I Learned at IH Toruń, Poland.

Excuse anything delirious. It's 6.30am, I've slept for 3 hours, but like any conference worth its salt, IH Toruń's International Teacher Training Day has pumped up my enthusiasm and I'm writing this on the train to Warsaw before flying back to Riga. There are a lot of new ideas buzzing around in my head like flies. I [...]

Making Writing Real webinar (video, slides and notes)

Today (18 March 2017) I presented a webinar during the Skyteach Conference for English language teachers titled Making Writing Real: How to make writing lessons more enjoyable for teachers and learners alike. Many of us have experienced the less-than-enthusiastic groans when we announce a writing lesson to our students. And many times it's not just [...]

Skyteach webinar SATURDAY 18th MARCH

VERY brief post just to nod you towards the SkyTeach webinar next Saturday 18th March. Really getting into the world of webinars - great way to connect to fellow professionals around the world without even leaving your sofa! I'll be presenting on 'Making Writing Real' at 15.35 Moscow time/12.35 GMT, and will be briefly discussing [...]

6 Lessons from Pour Me: A Life.

I recently finished reading A. A. Gill's Pour Me: A Life. It's a frank and funny memoir on his fragmented memories of years of alcoholism, and insightful musings on his childhood and post-alcohol rise to becoming a writer, critic and Sunday Times journalist. Not only did I appreciate the carefully-selected words and the rhythm of the well-crafted [...]