Mouth Gym Part 2: How to train

Having selected common problematic sounds in English, the most important thing is what we can do to improve these things. The foundations of this whole exercise should adhere to principles of Dweck’s Mindset theory: focused practice, belief in the possibility to improve, re-labelling “failure” as a stepping stone to success. Once we move the tongue [...]

Mouth Gym Part 1: What to train

“I can’t make that sound”. Millions of language learners all over the world would have said or thought this at least once. I know many of my students have. Several have asked me what they can do to improve, so the next two posts will give some advice. Pronunciation is hard in any foreign language, [...]

Would President Trump meet the English language requirements of an international student?

President Trump's speech to mark Black History Month on 1 February was, as with most things he does, quite a spectacle. Historical, institutional, racial...but let's focus on the linguistic show on offer. Learners of English are taught to focus their arguments to the task and master coherence and cohesion, and these two criteria feature in [...]