Trump Acrostics

Some of my C2 teengaers gave their opinions on the new President of the USA by creating acrostics – poems with each line starting with the letter of a word. In this case, T R U M P.

Terrible for some,
Realist for one.
Ugly, cuz he ain’t about that ‘unreal’ tan.
Made in the asylum, for real!
Pornography is his key to feel.
– Margo

Truly troubled
Reasonably ridiculous
Unpredictably unpredictable
Millionaire with a “small loan of million dollars”
Pointed Kevin to a hotel lobby in “Home Alone 2”
– Maks

Terrible president
Rude and not polite
Unable to govern the country
Man with lots of ambitions
Pumpkin-skinned person
– Maria Magdalena

The American people will know how
Reckless Trump is
USA will have a hard time
Many will have their lives ruined
Politics is doomed
– Armins

Raucous president
Unbelievable results of election
Mexicans should leave
Putin is best
– Alexandrs M.

– Anon


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