5 TV programmes to help you learn English

“Which TV programmes could I watch to practise listening?” I´m often asked this question, and this post aims to make some useful suggestions. “Why is watching a TV programme in English useful, rather than, say, listening to the radio or doing traditional multiple-choice exercises online?” First and foremost, we should enjoy the TV programme we´re [...]


Trump Acrostics

Some of my C2 teengaers gave their opinions on the new President of the USA by creating acrostics - poems with each line starting with the letter of a word. In this case, T R U M P. Terrible for some, Realist for one. Ugly, cuz he ain't about that 'unreal' tan. Made in the asylum, for [...]

Learner Feedback → Learner Progress with Edurio

Post-Brexit and Trump, maybe asking large groups of people for their opinion doesn’t seem like such a good idea. But undeterred, this is how I’ve started using Edurio, a free web app for teachers to analyse learner feedback, to try to improve my classes. So many teachers agree with the concept of a learner-centred classroom, but [...]