22 Lessons from Blindness (Part II)

Continued from 22 Lessons from Blindness (Part I)... 13) Just as the sceptre does not make the king, the certificate doesn't make the communicator: 'Just as the habit does not make the monk, the sceptre does not make the king.' 14) Teach situations, not just detached language (TBL): 'Hell, I'll never get out of here, [...]


22 Lessons from Blindness (Part I)

Everything I do, I learn from. Everything I learn, I apply to other areas of life, such as what I learned about teaching and learning from a yoga class and the books Ego is the Enemy and Pour Me: A Life. Here are my most valuable lessons from the stunning Blindness by José Saramago, a dark, dystopian but [...]

OH S—! Oasis and the 3rd Person SINGular

He speak well but there's often just one or two missing letters that make all the difference; he know the rule but he don't apply it! OH S---! I was jogging along yesterday morning, and Gas Panic! by Oasis came on via my iPod's shuffle. Listening to the lyrics, I started musing about the following [...]

The Brain is a Muscle. Train It!

Do the steps you're taking every day line up with where you want to go? Stage 1: SMART goal setting Stage 2: Training diary (below) Following the guiding principles of the outstanding From English Teacher to Learner Coach, our priority should be for successful students, not just successful lessons. This is where I hope an English training [...]