End of Term Happy Ending!

Let's talk this over It's not like we're dead Was it something I did? Was it something you said?  - Happy Ending, Avril Lavigne. In many countries, the end of the academic year is fast approaching (*cue cheers/fist pumps/tears of joy and relief*), as Avril said/sang, there's still time to end the academic year on [...]


Bored? Board Game!

Like the antithesis of Christmas, exam season is coming round once more. 'Tis the season to do past papers; 'tis the season to cram on vocab lists; 'tis the season for grammar exercises. Right? Well, these can be useful, as is getting heads in the right place with some simple psychology training. As well as [...]

Teacherpreneurship Revisited: Q&A with Marina Kladova

Not sure what teacherpreneurship is? Before you read on, find out from our 2017 interview here.  Just before she prepares to present at the IATEFL conference this week, I checked back in with Marina to hear about recent developments and her experiences in the teacherpreneurship movement. Before Marina takes the floor, why am I on board? [...]

IH Riga ‘Teach Differently’ Conference: 7 Snippets

It was a pity to miss out on hosting the IH Young Learner conference in the vote (IH Reggio Calabria did a fantastic job of organising from what I saw and heard from afar!). Undeterred, soon after hearing the result we refocused our efforts on organising a teacher training day aimed primarily at English teachers [...]

Anti-Social Media? Alister’s class guest blog

Facebook is one of the most prevalent channels for communication, with over 2 billion active monthly users at the moment. After completing the unit of work on Communication: Let's Talk my IH Riga-Satva colleague Alister's 10 to 12-year-old B1 students gave their pennies worth, writing points for and against social media being the best way to communicate. So making the most of the blog again as [...]

From Forming to Performing: Group Dynamics

https://www.slideshare.net/JamesEgerton/from-forming-to-performing-group-dynamics The following is a summary of my presentation at ILC IH Brno's 'Imagine - a conference for teachers' teacher training conference on Saturday 24th February... Why group dynamics?  In short, human beings are group beings. Most of us grow up in groups (families), work in groups (companies), play in groups (teams) and live in [...]

Dare to Differ: 10 Things I Learned

Dare to Differ, IH Italy's inaugural conference organised and hosted by IH Rome, lived up to its ambitious title. All speakers took the theme on board in their chosen topics, referring again and again to how introducing new concepts, trying new things and being creative can benefit our learners. I was fortunate enough to attend [...]