10 Lessons from Blink

'Knowledge is power' is a popular motto, but it's not quite right, is it? As the famous life coach Tony Robbins states, knowledge is merely potential power, and is beaten every time by real action to put knowledge into practice. In fact, knowing something and doing nothing about it is worse than being ignorant in [...]

11 Lessons from The Power of Habit

I like people, but sometimes I prefer books. Specifically, I reached this state at 01.30 two Sunday mornings ago at a house party in Ostia, near Rome. Great folks, good time, but I'd waved off the last train home and was now waiting for my car-driving friends to be equally ready as I was to [...]

Please Think Responsibly: Teen Gasoline

I had the privilege of giving a webinar for Trendy English's 'Motivating Teens' online conference on 9th February 2020. Below you can find my slides and a write-up of what I presented, along with downloadable materials and links mentioned during the webinar. Please get in touch with any questions or comments. https://www.slideshare.net/JamesEgerton/please-think-responsibly-teen-gasoline Today’s teens are [...]

Language: A Case of Awakened Identity

The link between language and identity has been on my radar since my dear colleague Gianni Licata’s presentation at the IH Italy conference last February. He underlined how integral language is to identity, and shared his story of how his Italian- and English-speaking personas vary. I identified immediately, as speaking Spanish makes me more expressive [...]

Holding onto the Memories

Netflix and chill write a blog post. Having been watching the Netflix series The Mind, Explained recently, I decided to re-watch my favourite episode, imaginatively entitled 'Memory', and harvest it for some takeaways particularly relevant to the language classroom. Whether you're a teacher struggling to remember names of new students or classmates at the start of the [...]