It’s Raining on Prom Night

It was a real privilege to be invited by Zorica Kovacevic to present at IH Belgrade's online conference on 16th April 2021. My friend and Teacher Training Co-ordinator at IH Rome Gianni Licata and I had been riffing on a presentation based on the theme 'It's Raining on Prom Night' for many months, so this [...]

5 Tips to Combat Cognitive Dissonance (CD#2): Listening Lesson Plan

The following is a sidekick for the Cognitive Dissonance reading lesson posted last week (click here). I'd recommend it as an assistant to the reading, a Robin to its Batman, but this listening lesson could also stand alone. Cognitive dissonance is an ever-present psychological phenomenon as old as humanity (particularly salient and harmful during the [...]

Cognitive Dissonance (CD#1): Coronavirus Reading Lesson Plan

As we enter another 'red zone' lockdown here in Rome (15th March 2021), the general atmosphere couldn't be more different from March 2020. Gone are the daily 6pm balcony karaoke sessions and public cries of unity ("Ce lo faremo!" = "We'll get through it!"). In their place, fatigue and resentment reign. Some take it a [...]

Growth Mindset: The Science of Failure and Neuroplasticity

Trying to encourage students and CELTA trainees to frame the learning process through the prism of a Growth Mindset can really boost motivation and learning (links to more information at the end of the post). According to Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck's Mindset Theory, Growth Mindset beliefs state that learning from failures is an important [...]

The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain de Botton

It was Alain de Botton's outlook that immediately spoke to me as he chatted with Tim Ferriss: philosophy is wasted when locked up in the ivory towers of academia or only bottled up to pop as shallow one-liners to impress a stranger at a dinner party. Philosophy, as the Stoics suggested and Alan de Botton [...]

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor – 4 Techniques

Deep, steady, bated, shaky, dulcet, long, steadying, unsteady, slow, sharp, heartfelt, pained, suspended, faint, gasping, powerful. How we breathe is not a back-seat passenger in our physiology and psychology, it's a driving force. Need to calm down? Breathe! Need a kick start? Breathe! We breathe 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so a [...]

Propping Up Self-Narrative: Lesson Ideas (Part 2)

The first blog post addressed Propp’s Morphology of the Folktale, its influence on the wider academic community of narratology and its diverse application in storytelling across different cultures and time periods. This time we’ll delve deeper into why positive self-narratives can boost learner motivation, and outline how you can help your English learners to tell [...]

Propping Up Self-Narrative: Propp’s Morphology (Part 1)

This two-part blog series is for teachers who are interested in boosting their teenage learners’ motivation and autonomy using the tool of learner-authored narratives. It aims to briefly outline a narrative structure using Vladimir Propp’s work (1968), link the formation of a compelling narrative to learner motivation, and provide some practical lesson ideas to help [...]

Carrot or Stick? By Sofia Frattini

The following article was written by Sofia Frattini, a 16-year-old student of mine, in reaction to the following video from the great and good Alister at Al's Action English: Take it away, Sofia! Teachers nowadays often struggle more than ever to understand which is the best way to teach and educate their students. For [...]

Fake News Detective! Extended Reading PDFs for Critical Thinkers

All Minus One (From their website - click here): The book draws from the second chapter of Mill’s work, where he makes some of the strongest cases for the importance of viewpoint diversity and free speech. By removing dated references and distilling and modernizing the original work, the editors have created a lively, readable version [...]